If there is a warrant out against you, the attorneys at Sethi Law Group might be able to help. We recommend contacting an attorney that can help you with criminal defense as soon as possible to ensure that this matter can be resolved.

Bench Warrants

 A bench warrant is a warrant for arrest that has been issued by either a judge or a court. A bench warrant is issued if and when a defendant has not complied with a court order. If a bench warrant is issued, a law enforcement officer can arrest that defendant and bring him or her to court. Bench warrants can be issued for the following reasons:

  1. Failing to appear in court;
  2. Failing to pay an ordered fine;
  3. Failing to obey court orders.

If you or someone you are close to has a bench warrant against him or her, it is important that this matter be resolved because the issuance of a bench warrant may also result in a probation violation. To see if your bench warrant can be recalled and quashed (i.e. removing it from the judicial system), please contact our office at (714) 921-5226 to schedule a consultation and discuss your case in more detail with an attorney. We may be able to develop a strategy that can help you!

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