Best Immigration Attorney

Best quality of this attorney is ” He is a very Honest and straight forward “. He has extensive knowledge on immigration laws and keeps himself abreast with the latest immigartion rules and regulations.Apart from this he has an excellent team of Paralegals who are very efficient and keep you updated of your case. For anyone who is looking for an immigration attorney with vast experience and the best success rate then “MIKE SETHI” is the answer. I have been dealing with him for over 4 years and i find him the BEST.

- attorney

a Immigration client

Mike Sethi is an excellent and exceptional lawyer

Mike S. Sethi helped me to get my American citizenship in less than six months, efficiently. He personally answered all my questions in regards my citizenship, provided me the questionnaire about American history. The day I had my interview with immigration services, he attended the interview with me and supported me all the time He has a good knowledge about immigration’s laws and he is very honest, reliable and I think he is the best lawyer I’ve known.

- Rosalinda

a Immigration client

Professional Immigration Attorney. Helped us with an i601 waiver case

Mike Sethi looked professionally at our case and gave us an honest opinion and told us how he could assist us. His team prepared all the necessary documents and sent the all the forms requested by immigration in a timely matter and always keeping us updated on the status of our case. When the time came to write the waiver package, Mike and his team prepared a strong waiver case and gave us the information necessary to be well prepared for our interview at the consulate. When we arrived at the consulate for our interview we where very well prepared and had all the documents the consulate officers requested. We were really happy because we saw how other people had to wait longer or reschedule their visa interviews because they were missing something on their file. Our waiver was approved without any problems. When we returned to the US, Mike and his team told us what the next step in the process was and how to prepare for it. His fees are very competitive and he is an honest person who will tell you from the start how you situation needs to be handled.

- Dayanara

a Immigration client


Mike Sethi and U.S. Law Center helped my mom get her Green card. It was a dream come true. After many years my mom was able to get her Green card successfully. Mike Sethi is very professional and guided us on every step of the process. He was there at the interview and made sure that everything was done smoothly. I highly recommend Mike Sethi and his law firm for any legal work. His prices are very reasonable and they give you payment options that we really needed.

- Lorena

a Immigration client

Great law firm.

I was able to obtain my citizenship through Mr. Sethi’s law firm and the experience was great. All of the employees truly care about the customer and they have great customer service skills. I will continue to refer anyone who needs a lawyer to Mr. Sethi.

- carlosbtrs

a Immigration client
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